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World Inner Peace Time

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Worldwide Meditation Session!

Weekly Every Sunday/Saturday

Sunday 9:30am Thailand Local Time at:

Guided Meditation for Beginner

World Inner Peace Time is a weekly television internet broadcast that invites meditators from all over the world to join together in a guided meditation lead by Master Monks of the Dhammakaya Temple in Bangkok, Thailand.  It is a broadcast of the weekly meditation service that is held at the Dhammakaya Temple every Sunday. The service is conducted in Pali and Thai language.  World Inner Peace Time provides an opportunity for a weekly guided meditation session that has the potential to bring millions of meditators together under the same guided meditation all at the same time.


Worldwide, thousands participate in this guided meditation through our GBN television network.  We ask you to join us every weekend in our meditation session presented on the GBN network. This special event occurs every Sunday of every month at 9:30am Thailand Local Time. It will be Saturday evening in North and South America, early Sunday morning in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and late Sunday morning in Asia and Oceania. 

It is easy to participate in this special event through the GBN network. You can join us for the live internet broadcast by watching on:



You can also view it live from your mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPad or Android by downloading the GBNTV app.

Our vision and hope for the world is to bring “World Peace through Inner Peace”.  We invite you to gain your Inner Peace through meditation.  By joining us in this weekly worldwide meditation event we can create the conditions needed to bring peace to the world.  We encourage you to become a part of history and join with millions of meditators across the globe in our World Inner Peace Time!

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